The Unplugged Show w/ The Happy Children

bAllAd Location 1, 1008 W. 86th Street, Bloomington, MN

bAllAd 11 presents The Unplugged Show As the name suggests, this show will not have electrified intruments. Instead Early Eyes, The Happy Children, Chance by Chance, and Barthollomew Presby and The Ensemble will transfer their energies directly to you. No middle man. Totally FDA Certified Acoustic. The deal of a lifetime. Come enjoy the tunes and see something new. This event will also have a gallery featuring 9 local artists. So stop in La Galerie du Garage between sets to check out the art.

-=Some Explanations=- THE HAPPY CHILDREN: Electricity with a hint of lime. Caleb, Mitchell, and Jon know whats going on. -Usual Format: Energetic Electric. --Instagram: @thehappychildren_ofnp ---Sounds:

EARLY EYES: You know what they say. . . The early eyes catch the fries! They supply quality good vibes and high fives! -Usual Format: Electrical Spectical. --Instagram: @earlyeyesband ---Sounds:

BARTHOLLOMEW PRESBY AND THE ENSEMBLE: One-man-folk-punk-band slash blues-dude straight outta the basement. You want some dirt, he's got the recently dug up garden. -Usual Format: Unkownable. --Instagram: @myfriendbart ---Sounds:

CHANCE BY CHANCE: World traveler from the land of the unmoving waters. They say flowers once grew from his guitar. -Usual Format: Podcastical --Instagram: @chancebychance.prosspr ---Sounds:

˚†»Featured Artists«†˚ -BERGEN FLOM--[insta: @berg_ilicious] -CALEB HINZ--[instas: @cgabe007 & @normalparents --- site: -COLIE AUGUST--[insta: @colieaugust --- site:] -DYLAN CHAZIN-BOWMAN--[insta: @milky_mangos] -JOSEPH CAMLINE--[insta: @josephcamline] -JUSTIN YOU-- [insta: @xjustinyou] -LEX BOELTL--[insta: @llllllllex (8 Ls!)] -MARY RADFORD--[insta: @fordrad --- site:] -MURAD SAYF--[insta: @muradsabitch] -ZACH DAVIS--[insta: @zach_davis_1]

-/Further Explanation- bAllAd 11 is a project founded by Barthollomew Presby and The Ensemble and is dedicated to bringing music to far off places through recording and performance in alternate spaces. This is the first ever bAllAd 11 show. The hope is set up recordings and shows andwhere from the depths of caves to the tops skycrapers. This baclyard by a park is only the begining. So stay tuned for more @bAllAd_11 on instagram.

<|>THINGS TO KNOW<|> LOACTION: 1008 W. 86th Street, Bloomington MN.

TIME: Gallery opens at 6:00. Music starts at 6:30.

PRICE: Pay what you can. Donations will be collected for the performers and the future of bAllAd 11. So be it 11 dollars or 11 Million dollars it is all welcome.

PARKING: Theres tons of it. Free street parking all around.

PHOTOGRAPHY: If you are a photographer I would love for you to come and document the event. Message either Bathollomew Presby or Nathaniel J. Davis if you'd like to have a photo (or photos) of the event featured on the bAllAd 11 instagram.

REQUEST: Please respect the space. We want everyone to have a good time including the people who own the property.